Cloud Storage and Personal Information Management Strategy

Personal Information Management – “PIM Coach tip of the day”.

Google is about to announce the specifics of their increased on-line storage capabilities. Microsoft is pushing their online storage for individuals and Small and Mid size business. Proceed with caution. Here’s why…

See the graphic just released by Business Insider – SAI Chart of the Day. See:

Microsoft On-Line Operating Income April 2012

I need to be very clear here. There is a major set of dots that need to be connected. Cloud computing is a great concept. Will eventually be profitable for someone. Probably many. I am not picking on Microsoft. This is the state of the industry.

Storing all of your personal data and information in “Cloud Services” at this time is risky at best. The best solution for data security for individuals is to keep a local working copy of your data. Have a local backup copy. Have a remote copy in a safe place. Then and only then consider using Cloud based Storage Services.

Enterprises and their requirements are different and have a lot more clout than we as individuals do. They have the procedures and experts to manage their data (In most of the cases.) The question one must ask of Microsoft is “How long will the Board of Directors continue to allow Microsoft to sustain this kind of negative return on this part of their portfolio of business?” And if this business is de-emphasized and you have your information locked in it’s Service, how will you retrieve your data, and what will you then do with it.

Other issues abound. See

Call to action: Protect yourself. Create a backup strategy that will secure your personal information from potential catastrophe. OR Corporate decisions that may not be in your best interests. Here is how to create a back up strategy and plan. See:

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