How to digitize your Address Book, and Contacts

How to digitize your Address Book, and Contacts.

Your Address Book and Contacts are a critical part of your Personal Information Management – PIM, strategy.

Digitize this content type. Either scan it, or key it for entry into electronic systems. Electronic tools are available to help you. a subsidiary of LinkedIn is a great tool. Plaxo is a great free service that allows you to go through your contacts within your email accounts and find contacts that use the service. Load this data into OutLook if you use that tool. One of the great services Plaxo provides is that each individual maintains their own data. When something changes, they make the changes themselves, and load it into the system. Plaxo will then “Push” that data to each member with that person in their address book. Effectively updating the contact data automagically. Studies indicate that 25% of all contact data changes every year. This is a service to stay on top of those changes.

I use both CardMunch, and Plaxo. Both are great services.

Call to Action: “Tame the Data Deluge”. Manage your Address Book and Contact data in your back-up strategy. Sync with your phone and OutLook. Update and Back-up regularly.

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