How to protect your Personal Information from mischief by bad people

How to protect your Personal Information Management PIM, systems from mischief by bad people.

1.) Run a security package. A Firewall for your network, and system security for each device.
2.) Use the latest versions of all Browsers Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome etc. They have security features that are kept up to date for the most current threats.
3.) Make sure you have the current version of your Operating System (Whatever that may be.) Keep the Patch updates current.
4.) Be aware of techniques “Hackers” use. Do not open any suspicious email attachments. OR attachments on an email note that just doesn’t look right.
5.) Protect your accounts with secure passwords. Use a combination of capital and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Change your passwords often.
6.) Back everything you do up locally. Two copies. One local backup, the other remote as an archive.

Hackers can and often do break into personal e-mail accounts and spread malicious things. If something does not look right, it probably isn’t. Don’t open it. Also, as a courtesy, contact the sender and tell them that you think they may have been compromised.

Call to Action: Review your systems, browsers and network set-up every 90 days.

Call to Action: Please send your tips and advice about Personal Information Management tips and methodologies. I will make sure to give you proper credit.


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