Identity theft: It has happened to you. What should you do?? PIM Tip

Identity theft: It has happened to you… What should you do?? Personal Information Management Tip

Thieves act quickly in Identity Theft scenarios. Your Personal Information will be compromised within hours. The more quickly the bad guys act, the lesser the probability they will get caught in the act. The moment you realize that something is not right, and you suspect your identity has been stolen follow these fairly simple steps to minimize the damage to you and your reputation:

1.) Call the police. Either fill out a form with them or, go on-line with the local police and fill out a police report. You will need this report number to help clarify the future issues you will inevitably encounter.

2.) Contact all banks and institutions where you have credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts, brokerage accounts, and otherwise do business. Let them know about the theft. Follow their procedures and fill out the forms.

3.) Contact the three Credit Agencies: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Complete the necessary paperwork.

4.) Let your friends know. This will help you avoid any unnecessary issues, like gossip etc.

Call to action: Should you have identity theft happen to you. Follow the steps above immediately. Call the police immediately.

Identity theft is very serious. It happens too often. 1 in 20 adult individuals has it happen to them every year in the United States. It can make your life very uncomfortable and cause you all kinds of grief.

I hope this tip helps you recover from the modern day scourge of Identity Theft.

Peter Gailey
The PIMCoach


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