Information Overload and Social Media – Poll numbers

Information overload and Social Media – Poll numbers reveal 79% of audience feels symptoms of Information overload. This is a revealing statistic when you consider that Social Media is a minor portion of the information that is inundating us as individuals every day. The conclusion is that with the addition of other data sources included in the Data Deluge that effects everyone, information overload is a universal issue effecting everyone.

Choices are necessary / mandatory to “Tame the Data Deluge” in our personal lives.

Twtpoll created by @brainsolis

Call to action: Put a plan together that allows for managing your time when you are involved with the various forms of Social Media. Budget your time well. Time is a finite asset that needs to be spent wisely. Prioritize your Social Media activities and tools. Do you really need to be on Facebook all day? OR Pinterest? Content is king. Make sure that what you are viewing has a contribution to your life. Or you are wasting your time. Consider culling and or sorting your contacts to those that only contribute valuable content. OR, use each site for a specific reason, and do not mix sites and contacts. LinkedIn for business, Facebook for personal, Twitter for current events, Pinterest for fun, etc.. Cut down on the clutter and “Tame the Data Deluge” in your personal life. Have a purpose, budget your time allocation, or you will lose control of your most valuable asset. TIME.


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