Information Overload – Personal Information and an IBM White Paper

If you don’t believe me, Believe IBM!
Information overload is a reality. I am connecting the dots here. The issues are the same when it relates to both Personal Information Management and Enterprise information management.

Excerpts from a White Paper just released by IBM: The Coming Storage Armageddon: What Your Database Administrator Isn’t Telling you Sponsored by: IBM and Stratecast

“The truth is that data growth is rapidly outpacing our ability to process, analyze and store the data we’re collecting. In fact, enterprise storage needs are increasing by up to 40 percent per year. That means up to 40 percent more equipment; 40 percent more rack space; 40 percent more people; 40 percent more power; 40 percent more budget dollars. Every year.”

“Do you remember the classic I Love Lucy episode about the candy factory? At first, Lucy and Ethel easily handle the chocolates moving down the conveyor belt, transferring them safely to appropriate boxes. But, as the belt speeds up and the volume increases, they are unable to keep pace. Chaos ensues, productivity is halted, and (to the horror of chocolate lovers everywhere)the precious bonbons are ruined.”

“The “new normal” is a never-ebbing torrent of data. If you don’t prepare now to handle it, chaos will ensue, productivity will halt, and your valuable data will be unusable.”

How Bad Is It, Really?
“Worldwide data is doubling every 18-36 months, according to most industry prognosticators.”

PIM Coach Call to Action:
1) Be aware of what is happening as it relates to your personal information.
2) Be aware that the information you have stored in various places is at risk.
3) Be aware that major firms are all experiencing the same issues.
4) Be aware that there is a “Data Deluge” happening in our personal lives.
5) “Tame the Data Deluge” by following a local data storage backup strategy.
6) Be aware that only you are responsible for your individual information and data.
7) Something has to give out. Enterprise scale companies will be making decisions as to how to cut corners and tame their data deluge. And those decisions will not necessarily be in your best interest.
8) Follow these methodologies to secure and safeguard your personal information.
9) Please listen and follow these Tips before you lose some of your valuable personal information. Once your data is gone. It is gone! OR at least very hard and expensive to recreate.

Peter Gailey
The PIM Coach


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