Must see presentation about Internet Trends by Mary Meeker

This is a must see presentation about the state of the Internet “Internet Trends” by Mary Meeker

The link below takes you to a must see presentation about the state of the internet “Internet Trends” by Mary Meeker. I highly suggest you spend 10 minutes and go through this set of slides in order to understand how the world is rapidly changing.

Take particular note of slides 29 to 85. Imagine the disruption these developments have caused and will continue to cause at an ever accelerating pace in the future.

Very important as it relates to the messages I have been trying to communicate is the message on slide 72. Note the uncertainty of the ability to store and find individual pieces of data. My continued message is that you must manage your own data and information. If you do not manage it, you are at risk of losing it.

Mary Meeker’s slide deck:

How do you manage your own information?


Peter Gailey
The Personal Information Management Coach – PIM Coach


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