Personal Data Security tip for your phone – Recent study.

Personal Data Security tip for your phone – Recent study.

In a recent study it was calculated that 67,000 phones likely will be lost or stolen during London Olympics.

That is a staggering figure. Each of those individuals will have had a very bad day. Identity Theft is the most probable negative result from these lost phones. I found a phone the other day. It was in the middle of the highway all smashed. Another bad day for someone.

Call to Action:
1.) make sure that you have enabled the security feature on your phone. Meaning, when you pick up your phone and touch a button, the first thing you see is a request for a code. Usually a four digit code. That will deter identity theft thieves, or kids doing mischief.

2.) Make it a habit to periodically back up all the data on your phone. At least once a month.

3.) Maintain a local copy of all of the data on your phone. This usually includes your address book, calendar, and To-Do lists along with the information imbedded on the resident applications on the phone.

4.) Seriously reconsider the sensitive nature of the information you keep and have access to on your phone. Profile information, access codes Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers and or access codes to name a few.

Do these simple things and you have taken a large set of steps regarding Personal Data Security and securing your Personal Identity, while thwarted Identity Theft criminals.


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