Personal Information associated with the holidays

Personal Information management tips associated with Thanksgiving and the holidays

The end of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving weekend is almost here. This post will help you get ready for the weekend and the rest of the holidays.

To Do Lists:
* Thanksgiving plans: Who, What, When, Where and let’s not forget the Why!!
* Black Friday shopping plans. Have your lists together. Have your destinations planned out.
* Black Friday shopping advice… Make sure you have dropped your hints (From your list.).
* In my neighborhood we put up all the holiday lights on Saturday and Sunday.
* Make sure everything is in order, and ready to go.
* Winterize your home with these tips:

As a reminder, keep all of these lists in electronic format and keep them in a handy place all year. I keep them in a file on my phone. When that special person unknowingly drops a hint, you are ready to record it within your Personal Information Management System.

Call to Action: Make a list. Check it twice… Sorry, that is for next month. OR is it??
Call to Action 2: Please send me any tips and data that you think should be shared with regard to peoples Personal Information Managements needs.

Happy Thanksgiving
Peter Gailey
Your Personal Information Management Coach


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