Personal Information Management – Enterprise Scope and Scale, and you.

Personal Information Management is all about data. I have been trying to deliver the message that there is a “Data Deluge” happening in our personal lives. There is more data being generated than there is media to be able to store it. That is a fact. We are being inundated with information, some relevant, some not.

The world as it relates to information is very complicated. It is growing. Exponentially. We as individuals must pay attention, and make a conscious decision to “Tame the Data Deluge” as it is swarming around our personal spaces.

Recently, I cam across a very interesting set of graphics that attempt to describe some of the largest companies and their offerings (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft etc.). This data is in the form of what is called an Infographic. A graphic depiction about information.

A point that I am trying to make is that these businesses are getting so large, and so complicated that it is wise to take measures into your own hands. (Think of what I am saying as personal insurance as it relates to your information.) I strongly suggest you take control of all of your personal information by making local copies, and having it all backed up so if catastrophe strikes, you will still have your information.
See how here:

It is projected that Facebook alone will surpass 1 Billion users soon. This is truly incredible. A major point is that IF and WHEN something happens to interrupt any of these services, you will be in a long line of folks looking for answers. A very long line. If you take my advice and maintain a local set of copies of you information, and these services “Go down” for a period of time, it will be an inconvenience to you, not a disaster.

And these systems do break. They do “Go down”. See: 10 DEVASTATING OUTAGES AND FAILURES OF MAJOR BRANDS IN 2011 –

Data Centers are huge business. See these numbers.

Call to action: be aware of the environment that you are playing in. Proactively take control of your Personal Information Management strategy. follow the advice in this Blog to learn how to do just that.

I sincerely hope this gives you an awareness that it is very wise to manage this yourself. We are about to witness an explosion in data and information that will dwarf what we have seen so far. “Tame the Data deluge”, take control. Do not be standing in a line that is 1 BILLION people long!!

Hope this helps.


Peter Gailey
The PIMCoach


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