Personal Information Management in a Hurricane

Personal Information Management in a Hurricane.

Your personal information is one of your most valuable assets. Being able to get to your critical information may save your life. Or a loved ones. Earlier this week I described and defined a comprehensive safe backup and archive routine. See:

I suggest a simple quick process to follow to protect your personal information and have it readily available in case of an imminent emergency.

Hurricane Isaac - Rainfall predictions

Hurricane Isaac – Rainfall predictions

In the case of a pending natural disaster, I would strongly suggest these additional steps.
A.) Make a quick copy of your most valuable information on a “Thumb Drive” and attach that to your key chain and keep it on your person. Better yet, put that thumb drive in a few zip lock bags and put them in your wallet or purse.
B.) I would also strongly suggest that you create a few e-mails and send your information to yourself as attachments. This is a simple and fast way to use a version of “Cloud Computing” resources. Relatively safe, relatively secure, and quick.
C.) If you are in a flood zone, take all of your computer systems and move them to high ground. (Meaning the top floor of your home.)

Call to action:
For those about to experience the pending storm, perform these quick inexpensive actions and go about your business of keeping yourself and loved ones safe.


Peter Gailey
The Personal Information Coach


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