Personal Information Management – PIM – Learn to manage interruptions

Learn to manage interruptions. Personal Information Management is critical to our daily lives. Interruptions to the flow of our activities are huge impediments to our efficiency.

Research released by Jonathan Spira, CEO and chief analyst at Basex reveals the following:
* It takes five minutes to get back on track after a 30-second interruption.

* 94 percent of those surveyed at some point have felt overwhelmed by information to the point of incapacitation.

* 58 percent of government workers spend half the workday filing, deleting or sorting information.

It follows that as individuals we need to manage our environments. Limit interruptions. Put systems and methodologies in place to help us “Manage the Data Deluge” in our personal and work lives. Remember our parents telling us find a calm quiet place and to turn off the radio while we study? These findings are no surprise. And very telling.

“Managing the Data Deluge” in our personal lives will take discipline and some changes in our behavior.

Call to action: Follow the simplification tips I have delivered in this Blog.
1. Go electronic as much as you can, it will knock down the clutter of different types of media that you are bombarded with.
2. Keep business and personal information separate.
3. Use different tools for business and personal information. It will help you keep information segregated.
4. Set aside a time and space to manage your personal information needs.
5. File, Edit and purge with abandon. Do not knowingly let piles of low priority information and data accumulate.
6. Set up logical efficient electronic file structures.
7. Manage your interruptions. They cost you a lot of time and efficiency.

See this interesting reading from Jonathan Spira of Basex.


Peter Gailey
The PIMCoach


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