Personal Information Management (PIM) tips

December 1st is upon us. Personal Information Management (PIM) tips for December.

1.) Pay your bills. Continue to automate your bill paying process
2.) Review and construct your financial planning moves in anticipation of year end.
3.) Start to gather your tax information together.
4.) Finish booking your travel reservations. Better discounts the earlier you book.
5.) Have your shopping lists together.
6.) Have your social calendar planned, and be flexible.
7.) Do all of your shopping early.
8.) Make sure that all items are ordered the first week of December to avoid stress.
9.) Mail all packages by Dec 15th.
10.) Start to think about your new year’s resolutions.
11.) Drop YOUR hints for the holidays. It is always better to get what you need and want.
12.) Back up your phone.
13.) Back up your notebook and mobile devices.
14.) Back up all of your data on an external drive.
15.) Back up all the systems in your reach (Kids, Spouse and any significant others.)
16.) Back up all that data again on a different external drive and move that to a remote site.
17.) Make your own list of important things and happenings in anticipation of the holiday season.
18.) While you are sending out messages and cards, digitize your address book. This will be a process that will take some time. but well worth the effort. Consider using, Microsoft Outlook, or any other electronic address book. This will greatly simplify your life going forward.

Call to Action: Take some private time and execute these suggestions. It will help you “Tame the data deluge” in your personal life.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.


Peter Gailey
The PIMCoach


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