Personal Information Management – “Taming the Data Deluge”

“Taming the Data Deluge”

Data in all it’s forms is growing out of control. Your personal data and information are at risk. There are articles, research papers, and books that describe the exponential growth and breadth of the different kinds of data or, as I describe it, “The Data Deluge”. But none so far, help us understand it in terms of how it will affect us as individuals, and what we can and should do about it.

* 85 % of all data is generated by individuals, or is Meta Data about that data!!
* (IDC) is predicting data growth at 59% per year into the foreseeable future.
* The amount of new data doubles every two years. (IDC)
* There is not enough media in the world to store all of the data that is being generated. (Gartner)
* The shelf life of digital data is 3 to 5 years. (The length of time for technologies to change.)
* In 10 years there will be at least 50 times the amount of data there is today.

Major corporations are making decisions about you and your data without your knowledge, consent, or best interests in mind.

CONCLUSION: Individuals must manage their own data, or suffer the consequences of losing it.

My intent is to inform, and coach individuals about their Personal Information Management situations, options, risks, and provide solutions and tips to help “Tame the data Deluge in Our Personal Lives.

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Peter Gailey
The PIMCoach


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