Personal Information Management – Tool – Evernote

Personal Information Management – PIM is all about tools and processes. Evernote is a great tool to explore and use. And there is a free version. I find the paid version is well worth the fee.

I use Evernote as a repository or holding place for work in process, as well as a file system for countless pieces of information. It has a file structure that you can create and use, or you can use it as a single file bucket and search it’s entire content with a Boolean Search bar (That is a feature that you must pay for.)

My process is simple. I normally use the Chrome browser. There is an add-on widget to Chrome that allows me to “Clip” content and load it into a file within Evernote. There is also a feature called Clearly, that scrapes all non relevant content from that page, and clips only what I want it to clip. When you set up your profile in Evernote, it supplies an e-mail address for you to send content to. One of the processes I use is to send e-mails of non-urgent content to my Evernote account. Meaning, out of my e-mail inbox into my Evernote folders for viewing later. That is a major process tool to help me keep my e-mail box close to empty.

e-mail inbox empty = Good PIM Practice
Central repository of searchable information = Good PIM Practice
Free or low cost tool that allows for access from any browser = Good PIM Practice
I have not heard of Evernote ever being hacked = Good PIM Practice

Evernote is part of my personal “Best Practice” tool choices for me to “Tame the Data Deluge” in my personal and business life.

Call to Action: Explore Evernote as a tool for you to “Tame the Data Deluge” in your life and set up a routine to use it to it’s full advantage.


Peter Gailey
The Personal Information Management Coach – PIM Coach


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