Personal Information Management – PIM – Learn to manage interruptions

Learn to manage interruptions. Personal Information Management is critical to our daily lives. Interruptions to the flow of our activities are huge impediments to our efficiency.

Research released by Jonathan Spira, CEO and chief analyst at Basex reveals Continue reading


Think your personal information in the “Cloud” is safe? Think again.

Think your personal information (PIM data) in the “Cloud” is safe? Think again. Back your data up locally.

International Data Corp (IDC) a very trusted Analyst firm, along with EMC, one of the top 3 Data storage manufactures in the high-tech business have performed a very insightful study. One of the findings states that the amount of data that is currently being created is more than the amount of available media to store it. Meaning, Continue reading


Personal Data – Manage it or lose it! Here’s why..

IDC Data Growth Graph

Fact 1.) According to IDC, a very trusted analyst firm in the high tech world, by 2020 we will have 44 times the personal data we had two years ago.

Fact 2.) According to IDC, in 2011 there is more data being generated than there is media to be able to store it.

Fact 3.) No-one really cares about your individual data BUT YOU!!

I read a very interesting comment recently. It relates to the current social sites and some of the largest firms that leverage the web for their revenues. Think about this carefully.

If you are not paying for the service… Then you are not the customer, you are the product being sold.

Moral of this story is, manage your own data. Take control. Learn how to do it now. Back it all up locally. Do not depend on large institutions that do not have YOUR best interests as their business and profit drivers. We will get into how to “Manage the Data Deluge” in future posts.

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How to save time every day. Get organized with your search activity. Use “Google Alerts”.

How to save time every day. Get organized with your search activity. Use “Google Alerts”.

If there is a specific topic that you are particularly interested in your personal or professional life, you can set up a tool within Google called a “Search Agent”. This service will automagically search the internet for the topic your are interested in. For example, I am particularly interested in “Data Preservation”.

I have set up a search agent on Google Alerts with the search term “Data Preservation” in a Boolean search. This service scours the internet and delivers the findings when I tell it to. In this case, every day, I get one email with links to all things that have anything to do with Data Preservation. Saves a lot of time and effort on my end. If I can’t get to the email every day, I do not miss anything. I have the results in my inbox.

Setup is easy:
1.) Go to
2.) Create your search terms. (For tips go to Google and look up “Boolean search”
3.) Chose everything
4.) Chose how often you want results sent to you. As it Happens, Every Day, Every Week??
5.) How many results you want ot see?
6.) Where do you want the data sent? Which email account?
7.) Hit the Create Alert button.

Following this technique, you can become an expert in a short time.

Hope this “PIMCoach Tip” has helped you.
Peter Gailey