October 1st. – The First day of a new quarter. Personal Information Management – PIM TIPS

Today is October 1st, the first day of a quarter. It is a significant day as it relates to personal information management. The first day of every quarter is a significant day as it relates to performing tasks to “Manage the Data Deluge”.

My goal is to coach individuals to get into a rhythmic routine they’ll follow. The first effort is to back up all your digital data. Backup your phone, your calendar, your address book. Any kinds of memos, any kind of files and other data that you have.

Beginnings of quarters are an important time for a lot of individuals to review and summarize all their tax information for the past quarter. Prepare for the next quarter.

In future “Coaches tips of the Day”, I will be suggesting automating many of your other processes, like auto Bill Payment routines. Right now is a good time to think about putting together your list for early holiday shopping, to get in front of the busy Thanksgiving crowd. It’s a great time to put together your family photos that you might be including in your yearly cards.

Consider any financial decisions that you may want to make with transactions that you could make in the current year, or possibly differ those transactions for the next year for tax purposes.

Concerning those of us that have high school students, now is a very important time. October 1st, being a very important time to address college applications. Gathering all of the information and submitting applications early is important.

Let’s move on to another important topic as it relates to the holidays. With a lot of travel for family and your personal life, this is a good time to get ahead of, and plan travel schedules. Book your flights early; they will generally be cheaper the further out that you book them. Take a look at your social calendars, dinners parties, annual events and birthdays. Holidays are a very good idea to be thinking in terms of what’s coming and how you can plan ahead. Maybe save some time and effort, and some hurt feelings.

Another thing to think about on the first of every quarter are any maintenance schedules that you may have. Car maintenance, home maintenance, utilities, anything like that. I will continue to provide you individual tips and tricks like these. I believe the first day of a quarter is very important to look at your schedules.

Another thing that’s very important to try to get ahead of, is any kind of holiday orders that you may have to purchase that would have lead-times. Also orders concerning very specific family or personal traditions that you want to get in front of.

Obviously we all get a lot of catalogs. Items sell out, so holiday ordering right now could be a very significant piece of your planning. Does anyone remember “Tickle me Elmo”?? Ask someone over 50 with children. They will tell you about it.

I am Peter Gailey your “Personal information Management Coach” trying to give you some tips and tricks to address our day to day lives to “Tame The data Deluge”, so we can get in front of a lot of nagging issues. Save a lot of time. Potentially save a lot of money and aggravation. Pease consider me your Personal Information Management Coach. You can find me at www.PIMCoach.com on Twitter @PIMCoach and on Facebook at “The Personal Information Management Coach”.

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  1. I actually still can’t quite believe that I could possibly be one of those reading through the important recommendations found on this blog. My family and I are seriously thankful for the generosity and for providing me the potential to pursue this chosen profession path. Thank you for the important information I obtained from your web site.

    • Leonardo, Thank you for the kind words. They inspire me to continue. Please help me by spreading the word to your friends, family and work co-workers. I feel this is important information that everyone needs to know.

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