Simplify your life – Convert to Digital delivery! PIM tip

Every household in the U.S. receives 84 pounds of direct (bulk) mail each year. We use three working days to sort and decide what to do with it. Reference from – Para Publishing

Simplify your life by converting as much as you can to Digital format. For a great tool as an alternative use this site CEO EXPRESS to get your information. It is FREE. Bookmark it in a browser and hit it over your morning coffee.

Cancel all of your subscriptions and save money, trees, recycle hassles, go green in the process. Your mailman will thank you.

Call to Action: Cancel your paid subscriptions. Go to: CEO EXPRESS. Set this URL up in a bookmark in a browser of your choice. Save the environment. Simplify your life. And “Tame the Data Deluge” that is happening in your daily life.

Hope this tip helps. Please send me any tips you may have.

Peter Gailey
Your Personal Information Management Coach


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