So you want to store your information using “Cloud Storage”?

So you want to store your information in the “Cloud” With cloud storage services

Disaster Recovery Weaknesses Are Pervasive

“According to a new study conducted by Quantum, 90 percent of IT decision-makers believe their data is vulnerable in a disaster. What’s more, 27 percent experienced some type of data security incident during the last year, but only 15 percent of these breakdowns were due to natural disasters.”

The study above was conducted by a firm that asked businesses about their preparedness in case something went wrong and their data was effected. These are answers from people that are supposed to know what they are doing and have the funds to execute their plans. These answers from the pros should give you as an individual the chills.

A separate study in the UK revealed that “Thirty per cent of UK firms admitted to experiencing a data loss in the last 12 months”

Let me tell you the differences between an inconvenience and a disaster. An inconvenience is you have an interruption and are not able to get to your data. A DISASTER is when you lose your data altogether. Even a part of it.

CALL TO ACTION: There are two kinds of people. Those that backup their data locally, and those that will. Meaning, once you have suffered the pain of losing your data, you will then take the proper precautions to protect it properly.

See how here:

Back your data up locally. Only then use the Cloud services and trust your precious data to others.

Peter Gailey


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