How to digitize your Address Book, and Contacts

How to digitize your Address Book, and Contacts.

Your Address Book and Contacts are a critical part of your Personal Information Management – PIM, strategy.

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Think your personal information in the “Cloud” is safe? Think again.

Think your personal information (PIM data) in the “Cloud” is safe? Think again. Back your data up locally.

International Data Corp (IDC) a very trusted Analyst firm, along with EMC, one of the top 3 Data storage manufactures in the high-tech business have performed a very insightful study. One of the findings states that the amount of data that is currently being created is more than the amount of available media to store it. Meaning, Continue reading


Personal Data – Manage it or lose it! Here’s why..

IDC Data Growth Graph

Fact 1.) According to IDC, a very trusted analyst firm in the high tech world, by 2020 we will have 44 times the personal data we had two years ago.

Fact 2.) According to IDC, in 2011 there is more data being generated than there is media to be able to store it.

Fact 3.) No-one really cares about your individual data BUT YOU!!

I read a very interesting comment recently. It relates to the current social sites and some of the largest firms that leverage the web for their revenues. Think about this carefully.

If you are not paying for the service… Then you are not the customer, you are the product being sold.

Moral of this story is, manage your own data. Take control. Learn how to do it now. Back it all up locally. Do not depend on large institutions that do not have YOUR best interests as their business and profit drivers. We will get into how to “Manage the Data Deluge” in future posts.

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PIMCoach Introduction

Personal Information Management PIM, is a field that is evolutionary. Data and information types are constantly changing. The Large Information technology analyst firms predict that data is growing at a compounded rate of up to 60% per year. 85% of all data is generated by individuals. By 2020 the amount of data in our personal lives will be 40 times what is was in the year 2009. It will be almost entirely electronic in form. You must proactively manage it or you will more than likely lose it.

I have identified well over 100 different streams of data, and types of data documents that effect our personal lives.

It is my goal to provide individuals with pragmatic tips, tricks, tools and methodologies to learn how to “Tame the Data Deluge” in our personal lives. I have a comprehensive book in development.

Please consider me your Personal Information Management Coach or your PIMCoach!! Stay tuned to my various communications channels on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course the PIMCOach website. This will be a journey that we take together.

Please send me any of your Tips and Tricks, Methodologies and just as important, your challenges managing your personal data, I will help you and others learn how to “Tame the data Deluge”.


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