How to protect your personal information. PIM Tips

How to protect your personal information. Personal Information Management (PIM) safety tips to follow.

Your personal information management is your responsibility. No-one else cares, or is going to protect you from “Bad People” doing bad things to you. “A study conducted earlier this year by the Ponemon Institute revealed Continue reading


Most businesses will support tablets, personal ramifications abound!

Predictions: By 2013, 80% of businesses will support workers using tablets.

Gartner, one of the top analyst firms in the High Tech industry, has published its “Top Predictions for 2011:” One of the predictions – “By 2013, 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets.”*

What does this mean to you as an individual as it relates to your Personal Information Management, PIM Strategy? It means many things. Continue reading


Personal Information Management (PIM) tips

December 1st is upon us. Personal Information Management (PIM) tips for December.

1.) Pay your bills. Continue to automate your bill paying process
2.) Review and construct your financial planning moves in anticipation of year end.
3.) Start to gather Continue reading


Personal Information associated with the holidays

Personal Information management tips associated with Thanksgiving and the holidays

The end of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving weekend is almost here. This post will help you get ready for the weekend and the rest of Continue reading


Personal Information Management – PIM & Identity Theft Quiz

Personal Information Management – PIM & Identity Theft Quiz

I just came across a great on-line tool that performs a Personal Information & Identity Theft Quiz, and gives you instant results. This is a great tool and I highly suggest you Continue reading


This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

Results of a survey conducted by Wakefield Research include the following (Note-1):

* 51% of Americans have experienced a computer crash where they lost ALL of their digital files.
* More than one-third (39%) admit they have never Continue reading


Keep personal information (PIM) and work data seperate! Here’s why.

Keep personal information and work data separate! Here’s why.

Cisco Systems recent study data: “68% of employees and 71% of college students believe corporate devices should be used for Social Media and Personal use, too” See Note: 1

This is an understandable set of conclusions, and desires on the part of employees. But a very bad policy choice for both the companies and the individuals. Here’s why. Continue reading


Identity theft: It has happened to you. What should you do?? PIM Tip

Identity theft: It has happened to you… What should you do?? Personal Information Management Tip

Thieves act quickly in Identity Theft scenarios. Your Personal Information will be compromised within hours. The more quickly the bad guys act, the lesser the probability they will get caught in the act. The moment you realize that something is not right, and you suspect your identity has been stolen follow these fairly simple steps Continue reading


How to create secure Passwords – Personal Information Management – PIM Strategy

How to create secure Passwords:

A significant part of your Personal Information Management strategy is related to security, and Privacy. Nothing is more fundamental than your Password management technique.

Consequences of not creating secure passwords include – bad people getting into your data and Continue reading


How to: Manage your Phone – PIM training tip

How to: Manage your Phone – PIM training tip

Consider your phone as a very valuable tool in your Personal Information Management – PIM – strategy. It should also be considered to be a very dangerous and vulnerable access point for a lot of your critical data. If managed improperly, it is Continue reading