This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

Results of a survey conducted by Wakefield Research include the following (Note-1):

* 51% of Americans have experienced a computer crash where they lost ALL of their digital files.
* More than one-third (39%) admit they have never backed up their computers, or haven’t done so in more than a year.
* 82% of Americans keep electronic files only and the majority of these files are nowhere else but on their computer hard drive.
* Over half of Americans have lost all of their personal files in a computer crash at some point.
* The most popular files people store digitally are photos (55%), music (46%), resumes (42%), addresses (28%), phone numbers (27%), and financial documents (22%).
* The average American surveyed has more than $400 of digital music and movies on their computers and that, for one in four, the music and movies are worth more than the computer itself.

Call to Action: Back up all of your Personal Digital Data on an inexpensive “external hard drive” and put that in a safe place like your Safety Deposit Box. Separate it from your system. If the house floods or burns down, your Personal data is still safe and secure. DO IT NOW!!!

Call to Action 2: Establish a regular back-up routine for your Personal Information. Once a month, or once a quarter.

Call to Action 3: Thank me later!!

Note-1: The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research ( among 1,004 adult Americans, ages 18 and older, between October 13th and October 19th, 2011


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