Personal Information Management in a Hurricane

Personal Information Management in a Hurricane.

Your personal information is one of your most valuable assets. Being able to get to your critical information may save your life. Or a loved ones. Earlier this week I described and defined a comprehensive safe backup and archive routine. See: Continue reading


Personal Data Backup technique – HSM Defined

Personal Data Backup technique – HSM Defined

Backing up your personal information is a fairly easy thing to do. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Below is an explanation Continue reading


Your data is at risk – Apple shuts down MobileMe

Your data is at risk – Personal Information Management – Apple shuts down MobileMe

Apple has closed their MobilMe Cloud based Storage service. They are actually Continue reading


Personal Information Management – Tool – Evernote

Personal Information Management – PIM is all about tools and processes. Evernote is a great tool to Continue reading


Facebook Changed Email Defaults Without Asking – Be Aware

Facebook Just Changed Your Email Defaults Without Asking – Here’s How to Address It

There is no question that Facebook and Google are the gorillas in the room. There is no question that both Continue reading


Must see presentation about Internet Trends by Mary Meeker

This is a must see presentation about the state of the Internet “Internet Trends” by Mary Meeker

The link below takes you to a must see presentation about the state of the internet “Internet Trends” by Mary Meeker. I highly suggest you spend 10 minutes and go through this set of slides in order to understand how Continue reading


Cloud Storage and Personal Information Management Strategy

Personal Information Management – “PIM Coach tip of the day”.

Google is about to announce the specifics of their increased on-line storage capabilities. Microsoft is pushing their online storage for individuals and Small and Mid size business. Proceed with caution. Here’s why… Continue reading


4-1-2012 Mountain View, Ca. – Google Announces New Web Browser Window

4-1-2012 Mountain View, California – News Flash: Continue reading


10 Resolutions regarding your Personal Information – PIM

New years is a time of both reflection, and looking forward. My last post was about looking back to 2011 and the information management tasks that needed to be done to close out the year. See: A lot of action items, but they all need to get done eventually.

Looking forward, I suggest you Continue reading


This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

This is a MUST Read regarding Personal Information Management (PIM)

Results of a survey conducted by Wakefield Research include the following (Note-1):

* 51% of Americans have experienced a computer crash where they lost ALL of their digital files.
* More than one-third (39%) admit they have never Continue reading