Your data is at risk – Apple shuts down MobileMe

Your data is at risk – Personal Information Management – Apple shuts down MobileMe

Apple has closed their MobilMe Cloud based Storage service. They are actually replacing it with iCloud. BUT not providing the transition services. I would be surprised that the formats and processing would cause any issues, but it could happen. If nothing else it is a hassle to say the least.

Personal Information Management Apple closes Mobilme

Apple closes Mobilme

This should be a warning to all folks that are proceeding headlong into “Cloud Storage Services” A few years ago in 2009, Yahoo discontinued their Cloud storage Services when they closed their “Briefcase Service” this caused a lot of problems for millions of users.

If you recall Yahoo at the time was one of the premier Internet sites. They were having troubles, but they were still a leader. Point being, even the leaders have programs that are not profitable, and not sustainable.

Cloud storage is very hard to do. It takes multiple areas of expertise.

Call to action:
Your data is at risk. Secure your information’s future by backing up locally and then, and only then consider Cloud Storage Services. Have a plan, and stick to it.


Peter Gailey
the PIM Coach
The Personal Information Management Coach


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